CHTCAGM0250 aggregate gradation machine is developed and patented by our company for micro-surfacing construction. It can provide materials for several micro-surfacing pavers simultaneously with large capacity. It is equipped with aggregate proportioning equipment controlled by frequency-variable speed regulation and mechanical aggregate regulation.

Performance Characteristics

1 .The aggregate proportioning process can be controlled by mechanism and electric ways, which is easy and flexible to operate and stable in performance.

2 .Vibrating sieve with even vibration amplitude could select sieves of different apertures as the construction required. Frequency converting technique is used to feeding belt to regulate electric motor speed and thus regulate discharging speed.

3 .The feed gate is controlled by mechanical device, so its opening is flexible and adjustable.

4 .This equipment with reliable electric performance could provide overload, short current and phase failure protection to prevent the electric motor from overload operating.


CHTCAGM0250 aggregates gradation machine is small in size and floor coverage, convenient to transport, move to another site, which is suitable to construct in small place.

It features large productivity, low energy consumption, less labor and easy operation, convenient to road construction in the field.

Speed adjusting motor regulates aggregates proportion. It is also provided with self-loading function.

With times and times of practices and improvement, its performance and safety could be rated as stable and reliable.

This equipment of higher cost performance than the traditional equipment is an ideal support equipment for micro-surfacing, rut repair, slurry sealing in lower coat and other constructions.


Aggregates bin capacity
General power
7600×2100×2700 (mm)

CHTCAGM0250 Aggregates Gradation Machine for road surfacing