1. Application:
CHTCAPR0750 asphalt pavement recycling maintenance machine is applied for asphalt pavement treatment of cracks, potholes, upheavals, subsidence, loose, bleeding, wave and ruts to make the pavement flat and comfortable for traffic.
This equipment could not only 100% recycle the waste asphalt pavement materials, cold materials and milled materials, but also mix new materials (asphalt and aggregates) into asphalt concrete for pavement maintenance. It not only can save valuable materials for road use, realize resource recycling, eliminate asphalt waste material pollution to environment, but also reduce the transportation cost of the old material. The product is of advanced technology, novel structure, which is fully in line with industry development policy of low-carbon economy, cyclic economy, energy saving and emission reduction. The technology of this equipment on pothole repair is a great innovation. It can be widely used in asphalt pavement repair of highways, municipal roads, provincial trunks, bridges and roads in factory etc.
2.Structure and Working Principles
Structure: It is composed of chassis, generator set, electric hoist, diesel tank, asphalt pipeline, heat oil expansion tank, oil heating and circulating system, infrared thermometer, mixing tank, discharging device, electrical control system, lifting device, emulsion storage tank, emulsion spraying system, waste material preheating cabin and preheating device, waste material crushing device, side beam and other accessories. The configuration can basically satisfy various functional requirements in patching operation process.
Working principles: crushed waste asphalt concrete pavement materials (size is no bigger than 50mm), milled materials or new aggregates are loaded into the preheating cabin by feeding device to be preheated by flue gas (being carried out when the mixing tank is preheating). Then, preheated materials are delivered into the mixing tank for further heating by heat oil. In the process of heating, the materials are compulsory stirred under proper temperature to prevent the aging and burning loss. With a while of heating and stirring, hot asphalt should be dosed into the materials in mixing tank (the amount is decided according to the waste materials property). Infrared thermometer monitors the real time temperature in mixing tank; discharging device will open the feed gate to discharge materials for repair until the temperature is proper.
Large asphalt heating tank heated by heat oil is capable to contain various asphalt even sealant. It doses specified asphalt into the mixing tank for hot mixing or waste materials recycling. It is also able to be applied for filling cracks by connected with crack filling hose.

3, Main Performance & Characteristics:
1, It adopts FOTON Euro V Chassis with high traction force, heavy load capacity and comfortable driving condition.
2, Waste materials from dug potholes and milled pavements can be recycled on site. Realize 100% recycling of waste materials. It saves resources and protects the environment, and reduces the maintenance costs.
3, It can heat the cold asphalt mixture up to 120-170 degree on standby, only 9-15min heating time needed for each boiler.
4, It is also used for hot mixing of new materials to produce new asphalt mixtures.
5, Mixing heating kettle is made by scientific theory and advance technology which also has special new type vane and realized full and uniformity mixing, fast heating and discharging.
6, Asphalt pipeline system has function of emptying itself, adding measured asphalt and filling cracks. It is insulated by heat oil which to prevent blocking.
7, The advanced heating system equipped with imported automatic ignition diesel burner realized high quality combustion, fast speed heating and environment protection.
8, Using sensor infrared temperature controller can accurately measure the temperature of asphalt mixture in mixing heating kettle at work time and control the discharging temperature efficiently.
9, It can heat and keep asphalt mixture warm in advance. When mixing kettle heating, it use flue gas waste heat to preheat asphalt mixture  to shorten asphalt mixture heating time in mixing kettle, increase efficiency and save energy.
10, Emulsified asphalt spray system is used to spray asphalt in bond layer and up-sealing layer, which can operate easily and prevent asphalt spraying line from blocking.   
11, It equipped with material hoisting system, small equipment (e.g. road roller) lifting device.
12, Vehicle power system uses safe and reliable 30kW generator set and brushless generator. Control system adopts automatic control and one button operation, which has low failure rate.
13, Through 380V vehicle AC generator, it can provide reliable power for the pavement old materials broken equipment, auxiliary operation equipment etc. The two supply hub outer the electrical box can drive the equipment whose output load is AC 380V 5.5kW and AC 220V 4kW.
14, It is no need to start vehicle generator. The equipment can use external power directly if there is AC 380V power around it.

15, Electrical control system uses centralized operation, which is simple to use and easy to master.

4. Projects:



5. Clients:










Product Name

Asphalt Pavement Recycling Maintenance Machine





Emission Standard

Euro V


Type Model



GVW ( kg)



Curb weight( kg)



Auxiliary Engine (kW)



Asphalt TankL



Mixing Tank (kg



Burner efficiency of asphalt heating tank (×103kcal/h



Burner efficiency of mixing tank  (×103kcal/h



Asphalt Heating Mode

Heat Conduction +Hot Air Circulation Heating (Compound)


Capacity (t/h)



Roller Fixed Mode

Cab Front Fixed (Hydraulic)


Feeding Mode

Rear tail, Hydraulic loading


Asphalt Mixture Discharge Mode

Below the tail of Truck


Dimensions (mm


CHTCAPR0750 Asphalt Pavement Recycling Maintenabce Truck