DCY500 beam carrier is mainly used for transporting concrete prefabricated box girder,which carries the prefabricated beam from the beam field to the bridge site and can realize the beam feeding operation.At the same time, the beam carrier can carry the beam launcher to realize the transitions between bridge.It has been applied to the construction of a number of lines,which solves the problem that the prefabricated box girder is needed to be dealt with when the original girder is transported.This series of beam carrier adopts hydraulic drive,easy to operate, stable performance, safe and reliable.

1.The vehicle operation is very flexible,to achieve no sliding or less sliding in the smaller venues.

2.Manufacturing costs are relatively low, beautiful appearance.

3.The support from the fixed three points into a statically multi-point when the car and the bridge machine with the feeding beam,  greatly increased the support stability, reduce the bending moment of the main beam of the frame.

4.Reliable performance, complete safety facilities, easy maintenance.  

5.It is equipped with the same configuration of the double cab at both ends of the vehicle,can walk in two directions.


Model DCY500
Machine walking mode Tire
Rated load 1000t and below
Height Ordinary beam carrier 2.75±0.35m
Low beam carrier 2.25±0.35m
Minimum turning radius 30m
Walking speed Full load (stepless speed regulation) 0 ~ 5Km / h
No load (stepless speed regulation) 0 ~ 10Km / h
The full load maximum climbing ability Longitudinal ≥5%, transverse(herringbone slope)  4%

DCY500 Beam Carrier