HZQ550 beam launcher is a kind of beam launcher developed by our company on the basis of the demand of the market and the successful experience of China and foreign countries.It can adopt a single beam side of the weight lifting,the legs are not suspended,can control the moving distance of erecting beam launcher, move around freely,the place is very accurate,without the use of crowbar and human push and pull.The bridging machine can lift transport box girder traveling in the construction of sidewalks, roadbed and has mounted on the box girder and girder operation, does not cause any harm to the above facilities,can be erected in front of and behind the bridge of the beam field at any time, and there is no problem of transition. Model structure is simple, easy to use, can greatly improve the construction efficiency.


1.The whole machine can run the horizontal operation, so that the side beam installed once in place.

2.Setting up inclined (curved) bridge is more adaptable.

3.Light weight, simple form, simple operating procedures, transportation, installation and removal is extremely convenient and quick.

4.The work is safe and reliable, and the longitudinal cantilever deflection is small.

5. The middle of the legs do not pass through the bridge when longitudinal shifting,without laying the longitudinal track, reducing the pressure on the deck.

6.The position of each leg can be adjusted flexibly, which is more convenient for the erection of variable span bridges.


Model HZQ550
Span 24-32(m)
Rated lifting weight 550 tons
The maximum size of the erection of  beam ≤32.6×8.4×3m
Beam hoisting method Three point balance
Beam launcher walking speed 0-3m/min
Beam launcher walking mode Wheel and rail type
Lifting trolley walking speed 0-3m/min
Lifting trolley lifting speed 0-0.5m/min
The maximum lifting height of the lifting trolley 6.6m
Beam body lateral fine-tuning distance ±200mm   
Beam fine-tuning speed  0-1m/min
Guide beam crane lifting weight 45t
Minimum radius of curve 2500m
Installed capacity 220kw
Control mode Electromechanical integration
Dimensions  75.8×11.58×11.8
Weight 442t

HZQ550 Beam Launcher