Brief Introduction

With the rapid development of road construction, demand for asphalt is increasing accordingly. Barrelled bitumen is widely used because of its advantages: convenient to storage and enduring long-distance transportation. Most of the imported high quality bitumen used for high construction is stored in barrels; accordingly, it calls for an bitumen decanting machine t which is able to fast melt bitumen, empty the barrel completely and prevent asphalt from ageing.

Our company developed BDM Series bitumen decanting machine which is a perfect combination of heat transfer oil boiler and bitumen barrel removing device. The Equipment is self-heated integrated structure; its heat source comes from a diesel burner which generates hot air and heats the heat transfer oil; bitumen in barrel is heated by hot air and heat transfer oil and become melting, then drops down from barrel and finally becomes liquid bitumen. Bitumen can be properly heated to the end-use temperature in this Equipment. Compared with BDM Series, BDM Series have extra advantages: higher heat efficiency, less land covering, easy and simple installation, convenient mobilization and low transportation costs. BDM Series are of nice shape, compact and neat design, stable and reliable performance; and they are able to operate under all kinds of working conditions.


Structure of the Equipment

The shape of this Equipment is a closed chamber structure with automatic spring doors on both ends. Asphalt barrel is loaded to its position by a small gantry crane, and then pushed into heating chamber by a hydraulic propulsion unit. The Equipment equips a diesel burner to supply heat.

Main components of this Equipment include heating chamber, gantry crane unit, barrel inverter, rail, asphalt droplets recycle system, diesel burner, built-in boiler (include heat transfer oil mantle layer), hydraulic propulsion unit, air duct heating system, pipeline heating system, bitumen pump and pipeline system, automatic temperature control system, automatic liquid level alarm system and electrical control system; all these components are installed on one substructure (or in the heating chamber), forming an integrated structure.

Open the upper cover of bitumen barrel; elevate it by the electrical hoist on the beam of gantry crane; move the barrel onto the barrel inverter. The barrel is bottomed up and pushed onto the tray on the rail by hydraulic propulsion unit, then to the upper compartment of the heating chamber; one barrel pushes the other one next to it forward and all barrels keep moving forward; empty barrels and trays are pushed out on the other end of the heating chamber. This Equipment works in-line and the aforesaid procedures can be repeated at a certain frequency.

Heating chamber consists of two compartment, upper compartment and lower compartment. There are coiled pipelines which convey heat transfer oil in the upper compartment, hot emission air of diesel burner also exhausts into the upper compartment; heat transfer oil and hot emission air work together to heat the asphalt barrel. When bitumen become melt, it drops down to lower compartment, finally the barrel is emptied. The lower compartment is a melting bitumen pool, beneath it is another compartment which has a lot of coiled heat transfer oil pipelines and a duct for the hot emission air to pass through; the heat transfer oil and hot emission air keep heating the melting bitumen until it becomes liquid; then bitumen pump starts and pump the liquid bitumen to bitumen storage tank through bitumen pipelines. Filtrating device is installed in bitumen pipelines to remove the impurities in the bitumen.

Doors on both end of the heating chamber are spring doors that are automatically shut immediately after barrels come through it. Spring doors are easy for barrels coming in and getting out, and able to minimize heat loss as well.

The above operation procedures are all conducted under the centralized control of electrical control cabinet. Monitoring instruments and safety devices are also provided in the control cabinet.





Parameters of Bitumen Decating Machine



Productivity (t/h)


Capacity of Melting Pool (m³)


Qty of Barrels Accommodated


Overall Dimension (L*W*H)


Total Power(kW)


Heat value(calorie)


CHTCBDM09 Bitumen Decating Machine with good performance