Bulldozer can complete the excavation, soil and unloading work alone, the use of centralized lubrication,centralized pressure measurement, track automatic tightening and other patented technology.It has the advantages of flexible operation,convenient rotation,small required working surface,fast driving and so on.Its is mainly suitable for shallow excavation and short transportation of one to three types of soil,such as clearing and leveling of the site,the small excavation depth of the foundation pit and the backfill, and the construction of the roadbed with low height and so on.

1.Strong engine power,high efficiency and energy saving.

2.High reliability of the power shift gearbox,a stable hydraulic torque converter,the final transmission of the two straight gear structure,can be efficient transmission of power,with high transmission power and efficient production efficiency.

3.Can achieve automatic fault diagnosis,full monitoring.The overall cast plastic dashboard,set air conditioning, electrical appliances, instruments as one, more beautiful high-end.  

4.Semi-rigid suspension walking system,increase the ground area of the track, improve the traction of the vehicle.

5.Widened track plate can ensure low ground pressure,high stability and strong traction to complete the precise level of operation.

6.Clutch and brake interlocking to ensure that the handle to control the rapid and flexible steering behavior.


Model SD22 SD13S
Length × width × height (mm) 5495×3725×3745 4492×3450×3000
Use weight(t) 23.4 14.9
Engine model WD12G240E206/NT855-C280S10 SC8D143G2B1
Net Power / Rated Speed (kW / rpm)   162/1800 95.5/1900
Ground pressure (Mpa) 0.077 0.044
 Blade type straight tilting blade     angle blade      U-shaped shovel       half U-shaped shovel straight tilting blade           angle blade
Blade capacity (m3) straight tilting blade 6.4    angle shovel 4.7  U-shaped shovel 7.5       half U-shaped shovel 7.0 straight tilting blade 2.89      angle shovel 2.24

SD Series Bulldozer