E7150F Excavator is R & D and manufacturing of energy saving, reliable, and comfortable core product after a full investigation of the Chinese market by our company.The product has a high-strength chassis, equipped with enhanced work device, optimized matching power hydraulic system, optional broken hammer, rotating grab and other work device,accurate operation, economic and environmental protection, high reliability, suitable for a variety of harsh conditions.

1.The use of enhanced shelves, reliable and stable,high rigidity of the structure of the three box frame, small deformation, high strength, long service life. 

2.The use of internationally renowned brands of hydraulic components, low noise, low failure rate, stable work, good durability.

3.The use of electronically controlled high pressure common rail technology, high injection pressure, fuel injection timing through the full operating conditions, full combustion, high production efficiency.

4.With the proprietary technology of electronic control system, so that the machine has a variety of operating modes to adapt to different conditions, energy efficient.

5.Equipped with color LCD monitor, with self inspection, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring and other functions,good human-computer interaction, easy operation and maintenance.

6.Pilot handle and control switch on both sides of the seat layout, tentacles accessible, easy to operate.


Model E7150F
The overall operation quality 13100kg
Hopper capacity 0.6m³
Maximum digging force 97.7 kN
Rotation speed 0-12.2 r/min
Walking speed (low/high) 3.6/37.5 km/h
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) 7479×2496×3058mm
Maximum digging radius 7770mm
Maximum digging depth 4700mm
Maximum unloading height 5943mm
Engine power 110 kW

E7150F Excavator