MEhz450 gantry crane ia used in the pre-set of lifting, handling and loading work for high-speed rail box girder.It adopts the tyre type walking technology,the whole machine to run, turn, lift all driven by the hydraulic drive,to achieve straight, oblique line, transverse and other travel patterns,which can meet all the box girders handling operations in the preset field.It has the advantages of strong adaptability, high work efficiency, small occupation area of the field, and the preset field does not need to be laid on the track.In the construction of high-speed railway in China,a large number of the equipment are used to complete the lifting, handling and loading of box girders in preset fields.


1.It does not accept other ways to load the box girder,and the box girder, the overall assembly of beam carrier and beam launcher to put to the pier height of about 7 meters on the bridge deck.

2.Cart walking mechanism adopts double track travel, three level balance.

3.Under full load, hanging beam car longitudinal fine adjustment volume of ± 500 mm, with traverse function.

4.The height of the machine is low, and the driving mechanism is driven by AC variable frequency motor.  

5. The walking mechanism adopts the hydraulic suspension system, which can not only satisfy the three point support of the whole machine, but also realize the uniform distribution of the load.


Model MEhz450
Lifting weight 450T
Span 41.5m
Headroom 12.8m
Main hook Lifting height Heavy load  0-0.5m/min
No load     0-1m / min
Running speed Heavy load  0-0.5m/min
No load     0-1m / min
Running speed Cart Heavy load  0-10m/min
No load     0-5m/min
Car Heavy load  0-1m/min
No load     0-0.5m/min
Maximum wind power Work time 6
Non working time 11
Working level M4
Wheel pressure 22T
Rail P50
Power 380V, 50HZ
Dimensions 45m×23.3m×18.9m
Motor power 250KW
Overall mass 462T

MEhz450 Gantry Crane