CHTCPFR2000 Porous asphalt pavement functional restoration machine is a hi-tech product initiated and designed independently in China on the basis of absorbing foreign technologies, which is mainly applied to clean and maintain the OGFC porous asphalt pavement for the purpose of stable and effective drainage performance of OGFC and prolong its service life. This equipment of reasonable design and high automation can flush the pavement thoroughly at fast speed and perform good cleaning results; the whole cleaning process is dust free, pollution free and harmless to the pavement. Its performances can rival that of the imported equipment, which make it as ideal equipment for OGFC maintenance for high grade road administrative departments and municipal facilities administrative departments.

2.Structure and Components:
This equipment consists of engine and power supply unit, clear water tank, return water tank, sucker assembly, high pressure flushing system, sewage suction system, sewage treatment system, return water pipelines, vacuum resorptive circulation system, hydraulic control system, electrical control system, undercarriage, chassis and accessories. One set of this equipment will meet all the demands of OGFC function recovery.

3.Fundamental Working Principles:
This equipment is applied to get rid of the dust and slit and other sundries blocked in the OGFC pavement and return these sundries to recover the porous function as designing. This equipment works on the principle that the high pressure water is driven by the chassis power supply unit by complex control of hydraulic and electrical control system to eject into the OGFC pavement and then sucked out by negative pressure suction system; the sucked sundries and water will be returned into the sewage tank, sundries left in the tank, water for recycling utilization; finally the sundries and waste water will be drained out after a period of working.

1.Reasonable design and configurations, key parts of famous international brands like NORRES from Germany, Brevini from Italy, Dynaset from Finland, Spray from US, SAUER from US, IGUS from Germany, Cummins and so on, ensure stable and reliable performance.
2.With strong cleaning force, by means of sector spray and point jetting, the high pressure water will go to the every part of pavement; accompanied by the cavity effect, the pavement gets thorough and complete cleaning without damaging.
3.The water could be recycled by 80%; large working area and long time by single tank of water.
4.Multiple filters for water circulation filter and separate the return water for recycling; sundries and dirt could be discharge at certain times.
5.The follow-up cleaning sucker contacting well to the road surface works stably and keep the splashing water away.
6.The whole working process is dust and pollution free, meeting the environmental requirements.
7.Hydraulic system of large power controls most of the operations easily, stably, reliably and economically.

8.Nice appearance with complete markings and signs, modular design of every system provides convenience to maintenance.










Rated Total Mass:


Curb Mass:

9400 kg

Recovery Method:

high pressure water flushing + vacuum suction + sewage return

Working Width:  


Swinging distance:

550 mm (L/R)

Water pressure:


Working Speed:

1.53 km/h

Available Clear Water Tank:

5.5 m3

Available Return Water Tank:

2.8 m3

Working Area by Single Tank water

about 2000-6000 m2

Sewage and mud Discharging Way:

sewage tank lifts backwards and dumps waste out

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H):


Total Weight:


CHTCPFR2000 Porous Function Recovery Vehicle