1. Brief Introduction:

CHTCAD0860 automatic asphalt distributor is researched and developed by our company on the basis of many years of construction and equipment design experience combined with the present road conditions. It is one of the series of asphalt distributing machinery which is easy-operated, economical and practical. It is professional construction equipment specialized in spraying emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, hot asphalt, hot modified asphalt and various binder.图片3

On the basis of introduced advanced technologies both domestic and abroad, this distributor add some humanized designs that ensure technical content of construction quality and improve construction conditions and environment. Heat oil pipe is equipped in asphalt pipelines. Heat oil internal heating method guarantees liquid running smooth and prevents asphalt from coke burning. In the process of manual spray, the rotation indicator reads asphalt pump rotation speed. The operator could calculate the corresponding vehicle speed and asphalt rotation speed to different spray volume according to our specified formula, so as to guarantee uniform spray volume. In the process of automatic spray, the operator just set spray volume in the console and start velocity meter, and then the automatic control system could regulate asphalt pump rotation speed according to the vehicle speed, so as to guarantee precise and even spray. Its reasonable designs guarantee the asphalt spray uniformity. This product gets through the strict detection of our operators and enjoys stable and reliable construction performance, and is known as ideal economical road maintenance equipment.

It could be used to deal with upper and lower seal layer, prime layer, asphalt surfacing, asphalt penetration surface, fog seal layer and so on. It also could be used to transport liquid asphalt and other heavy oil.

2. Operation principle:
The operating principle of asphalt distributor is to pump the hot asphalt from asphalt storage pool into asphalt tank through asphalt pump, or add asphalt from the mouth of tank ; Transport it to construction site and heat the asphalt up to working temperature by heating system; Open asphalt pump and spraying valve by operating electrical apparatus control system; According to three overlapping spraying effect to spray the hot asphalt on pavement on the basis of measured distributing amount and pressure. The residual asphalt in pipeline will be transported into asphalt tank after finishing the work.

operation principle

3. Construction technology introduction:
Asphalt distributing is used special asphalt distributor to spray hot asphalt on pavement on the basis of measured distributing amount and pressure. It is mainly used deal with the construction of upper and lower seal coat, prime layer, asphalt surfacing, asphalt penetration surface, fog seal layer and so on.
4. Main Performance:
1). It adopts Euro V Sino-truk M5G chassis, which has advantages of large bearing capacity, high power, low fuel consumption and emission, easy operation and reliable breaking.
112). Equipped with (Yuchai) auxiliary engine, to realize the heating when walking, shorten work time , improve the work efficiency.
3). It adopted truck dedicated controller control, high degree of automation, automatic control asphalt spray width, can accurately calculate the spray volume when working.
4). This equipment reduces the construction labor intensity, budgets and human resources, improves the work efficiency and work quality.
5). Good anticorrosive and durable insulation layer makes sure the temperature drop no more than 12℃/8h (Under normal temperature ).
6). The tank adopts imported diesel burner, high combustion efficiency and high heating efficiency, automatic ignition and automatic temperature control system, operation security and stability.
7). It can spray hot (modified) asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc.
128). Spray bar can be folded and the height can be adjusted.
9). It adopts high processing precision of nozzle, to realize each nozzle spray consistency and efficiency.
10). Asphalt pump adopts international brand internal gearing pump, high output ,stable flow rate, good seal performance and compacted structure.
11). Humanized design of control system could not only control remotely, but also operate on site, which makes the operation more convenient.
12). It is perfect combination by electrical control and hydraulic system, to ensure spray at the very first starting point

13). With much engineering construction experience, we improve the equipment to make it more reliable in performance and more convenient in operation and maintenance.

5. Technical Specifications:





Working condition

Environment temperature045℃




It mainly has chassis, asphalt spray system, air circuit system, water circuit system, speed measuring system and power supply system.


Overall performance

Compact structure, good appearance, strong bearing capacity, easy operation, stable performance



It adopts Euro V M5G chassis, which has advantages of large bearing capacity, high power, low fuel consumption and emission, easy operation and reliable breaking.

Emission standardEuro V 

Engine power151kW

Overall weight16000 kg

Min speed3km/h

High gear ensures the driving speed, low gear ensures the good operation performance.


Asphalt tank

asphalt tank capacity8000L,safe and stable, fast heating speed

It has washboard in the tankwhich can protect from hidden danger.

asbestos insulation layer with thickness of 100mm preserves heat of heated asphalt. Good anticorrosion and durable insulation layer maintain temperature drop by no more than 12℃/8h

Stainless steel frosted board out of the insulation layer is elegant and easy to clean.

Vent are on the tank to keep the ordinary pressure.

It can self-priming and discharge, which can add or discharge the asphalt automatically, increase the efficiency


           Spray System


It adopts Viking asphalt pumpwhich has good pumping capacity large discharge capacitycan do a better performance of asphalt circulation and spraying.

Asphalt Pipeline can realize the HTF whole coverageguarantee the smooth circulation of asphalt in the pipeline.

Special folding Spray Bar are used, proper asphalt circulation and precise nozzle design ensure the accuracy and uniformity distributing precision

It can spray all kinds of asphalt, especially hot (modified) asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt

Spray volume0.2-3kg/m248 nozzles in all. Each has the space of 125mm

Each nozzle can be controlled by computer. Precise spraying and aren’t influenced by speed.

Computer control the whole process of sprayingit can change the spraying width any time to meet the need of different pavement.


         Heating System

Italy RIELLO diesel burner is applied. The Calorific value20×104kcal/h

U-shape heating tube make the system heat fast.

The HTF coil are parallel double loop, make the heat speed fast.

The HTF make the asphalt cover all the pipe, which can realize no-clean.

The upper and lower limits can be set, which are more safe and reliable.


        Air circuit system

Plenty air source directly from the chassis guarantees the good performance of asphalt spray, spray bar lift and swing, air control angle seated valve and water system.

· Long-life service solenoid directional valve and elements are used

Different air circuit Pressure regulating valve and ball valves controlsensure the main vehicle air circuit and the different circuits without interference.


      Water circuit system

The water nozzle are installed on the upper part of each tire, which can effectively prevent asphalt adhesion on the tires during the construction process, avoid tire skidding on the mountain road and reduce tire temperature of long distance travel in summer.

The main vehicle air circuit give the pressure to the water tank, simple and convenient.


     Power Supply System

The auxiliary engine give the power to whole equipment.

Engine power: 40.5kW


           Electric system

1.  Asphalt spray can be controlled in the cabin with operation buttons or on the operating platform at the end of vehicle.

2. It adopts vehivle dedicated controller control, to improve the stability of electrical system.

3. Work according to the different requirements for operators to provide accurate distributing parameters, through the cabin or the back platform, the actual measurement parameters changing accurately reflects the operation of the equipment

4. Control system can modify parameters based on the actual asphalt density and load amount to accurately control the output of asphalt pump to keep spray precision error of ±1%.

5.The asphalt pump rotation speed ,speed gear accurate testing to ensure that the asphalt distributing precision

6. It is also simple to operate manually. Flexible switch between manual and auto mode could improve working efficiency.

7. Distribution box design with high protection against corrupt design, reduce the power distribution box components by tar and dust pollution


          Hydraulic system

Key hydraulic components adopt abroad famous brand ,quality is stable and reliable.

6. Cases:


7. Workshop:









Product Name


Automatic Asphalt Distributor



Product Model





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Asphalt tank volume





Spray width





Spray volume





Spray precision





Spray media


modified asphalthot asphaltemulsified asphalt



Asphalt heating mode


Imported diesel oil



Asphalt heating speed





Overall dimensions




CHTCAD0860 8000L Asphalt Distributor