Detailed Introdution of Synchronous Chip Sealer

September 13th, 2018 Synchronous Chip Sealer

Synchronous Chip Sealer is a special equipment to spray bituminous binders and distribute stone materials synchronously to make full contact between bituminous binders and aggregate so as to achieve maximum bonding between them. The gravel and adhesive materials (modified asphalt or modified emulsified asphalt) are distributed on the pavement synchronously by the synchronous gravel sealing vehicle, and the asphalt gravel layer is formed by natural rolling. It is mainly used as the surface layer of the road surface, and can also be used as the surface layer of low-grade highway.


1. Special chassis for national v engine, with strong bearing capacity, low fuel consumption and stable operation;

2. Patented technology of hydraulic system, with strong power and stable performance;

3. Intelligent control system, special components, radar speed measurement and image monitoring.Two operating systems.All sprinkling requirements can be operated in the control room or back console.The construction operation can be completed by one person;

4. The heat conduction oil of the asphalt pipeline is fully covered to ensure smooth circulation and no cleaning in all parts;

5. Three overlapping sprinklers with high accuracy can fully guarantee the spraying consistency and accuracy;

6. Imported high-viscosity bitumen pumps can meet various sprinkling requirements;

7. Unique sprinkling and feeding system, achieving uniform, continuous and stable sprinkling;

8. Separate control of each feed door and nozzle, flexible and free combination;

9. The rear of the equipment is equipped with a high-definition camera, which can realize indoor operation and construction;


Heating method: the diesel is ignited to heat the burner, and the heat conducting oil is heated through the burner to form the heating of the asphalt tank and the asphalt itself. Heat conduction oil temperature control at about 280 to 350 . The burner automatically stops heating when the heat conducting oil is heated to the temperature set by the computer.


KT0610 Synchronous Chip Sealer

Synchronous Chip Sealer

Discharging Method: Inner Lifting Type, the bottom plate of the bin is inclined, and the weight of the stone falls when unloading.

Feeding Device: Chute Feeding Device (0-30mm) stone material→stock bin→dividing plate. (The particle size of stone is relatively large, usually used in sealing layer).

Chute feeding device

XKT0812 Synchronous Chip Sealer

Synchronous Chip Sealer

Discharging Method: inclined bucket type, the bottom plate of the hopper is inclined, and the weight of the stone falls when unloading

Feeding Device: Spiral Type0-25mm) stone material→stock bin→Spiral conveyor

The stone size is relatively small and can be used for surface layer and undersealing layer

Spiral Type