This series of Planetary Mixers are manufactured basing on German mixing technology. Capacity range from 50 liters to 4500 liters per batch. It's widely used for mixing precast concrete, dry hard concrete, fiber concrete, ultra high performance concrete, refractory material, ceramics, glass and chemicals.

1. Wide range of applications, can be used for chemical, construction, engineering and other fields;
2. Special design of the mixing device of stir faster, the mixing is more even;
3. Stirring blades are more wear resistant; Elastic couplings and hydraulic couplers (optional) can effectively protect the drive from overload shocks;
4. The special research of gear box, can equally distributed the power to the mixing device and ensure that the mixer low noise operation, even in harsh production conditions;
5. Large size of the maintenance door is facilitating to maintenance and cleaning;
6. There are high pressure cleaning device and moisture content tester can be optional.


Item Unit CMP750
Out capacity L 750
Input capacity L 1125
Out mass Kg 1800
Mixing power Kw 30
 Discharging power Kw Pneumatic/hydraulic discharge
Planetary/blade   1/3
Side scraper   1
Discharging paddle   1
Weight kg 3900
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2581*2336*2195

CMP750 Planetary Concrete Mixer