WBC600 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant needs to use concrete to lay the foundation,then fixed the equipment on it.It mainly includes:cement tank, metering and conveying equipment and mixing equipment.It can be continuously mixed with the production of different grades of two ash gravel, lime stabilized soil, industrial waste soil and stabilized soil products.It is mainly used for the grassroots stable soil construction of high grade highways,urban roads and airports.

1.Batching system adopts electronic weighing measurement,easy to upgrade.

2.For filler supply, with a dual dust removal system and the steady flow small cabin, a more stable measure of cement without pollution.

3.It adopts chain drive,easy maintenance.

4.It adopts centralized control PLC, to ensure the safe operation of the entire device.

5.Simple operation,easy installation and debugging,reliable work.


Model WBC600
Capacity (t/h) 600
Filler bin (t) 100
Finished storage bin (m3) 7
Diameter of aggregate(mm) ≦60
Proportioning kinds 5
Accuracy Aggregate ±1%
Cement ±1%
Water ±1%
Total power(kW) 148

WBC600 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant