MAP1000 asphalt mixing plant is a portable asphalt batch mixing plant designed on the basis of international advanced technology by CHTC. The new type mobile asphalt plant not only retains the advantages of accurate screening & weighing, batch mixing, and high quality asphalt, but also has new features like fast moving and easy installation. It is modular in design. The structure is compact and strong, all the components, such as cold aggregate supply system, burner, drying drum, mixing tower, dust collection system, bitumen supply system, and filler supply system, can be towed without disassembly, and the transport is convenient and quick. It can greatly save the time and cost in installation.

1. Integrated design of drying and mixing in drum, reduce initiate cost for clients.
2. A few trailers are needed to the basic structure without any special device.
3. Accurate screening, weighing, and batch mixing can guarantee the quality.
4. Towing chassis of easy transport and installation.
5. Burner is available for coal and oil, at client's option.
6. Advanced international quality control system can remotely monitor and control.

mobile asphalt mixer plant

Cold Aggregate Feeding System                                                                       

The belt feeder use frequency conversion speed control, speed adjust rang is wide, high working efficiency. 

Every hopper discharge gate have material shortage alarming device, if material shortage or material arching, it will alarm automatically. 

There is isolation screen on top of cold bin, so can avoid large material input.The conveyor belt use circular belt without joint,

steady running and long performance life.    

asphalt equipment

Drying System 

The blade geometry of the dryer has been optimized to deliver an exceptionally efficient drying and heating process with reduced energy consumption,

improve heating efficiency 30% than conventional design;

Because of High heating efficiency, drum surface temperature is relatively low, so the cooling time after operation is considerably shorted.

It is fully insulated and clad aggregate dryer. Drive by electric motors and gear unit through polymer friction drive support rollers.

Adopt famous brand HONEYWELL temperature intelligent control system.

With high combustion efficiency Italian brand burner, make sure low exhaust gas emission (like CO2,low No1 & No2, So2).

The fuels can be diesel, heavy oil, gas, coal or multi-fuel burners.


mobile asphalt plant        

Mixing Tower        

Integrated vibrating screen and hot storage and weighing and mixer in one mobile chassis, easily transportable and installation.

Improved vibration and amplitude to optimize impact on the available screen.

The best combination of vibrating direction & screen box dip angle, ensure ratio and screening efficiency.

It adopts famous brand METTLER TELEDO weighing sensor, make sure accurate weighing,

in order to make sure the asphalt mixture quality.

mixing plant                                                                                    

Dust Collecting System

Intelligent temperature and control system, when the dust air temperature is higher than set data, cold air valve will be opened automatically for

cooling, avoid the filter bags are damaged by high temperature.

It adopts high voltage pulse cleaning technology, contributing to a lower bag wearing, longer lifespan and better dust removal performance.

Mobile chassis as optional according to project solution.

mobile asphalt mixer plant  

Control system

Adopt Germany SIEMENS electrical element, working stably even in harsh working environment. Adopt Japan ORMON PLC and touch screen,

have high data processing capacity, with automatic data sheet control, various operation data can be saved real-times.




Model MAP1000
Main Parameters Capacity(t/h) 80
Total Power(kw) 242
Noise(dB) ≤70
Voltage 220V/380V-50HZ(Adjustable)
Cold Feeder Cold Bin(m³) 4*7
Belt Feeding Capacity(t/h) 90
Belt Width(mm) 500
Feeding Belt Adjustment Mode Frequency Invertor
Drying System Drying Capacity(t/h) 90
Dryer Drum Size(mm) Φ1600*6800
Drive Motor Power(kw) 4*7.5
Fuel Diesel, Heavy Oil, Fuel Oil, Coal, Nature Gas
Coal Burner Max Burning Amount(kg/h) 1300
Oil Burner Max Burning Amount(kg/h) 110-550
Dust Collecting System Primary Gravity Dust Collector Cyclone Dust Collector, Volute Casing Collector
Baghouse Dust Collector Filter Area(m²) 380
Filter Bag NOMEX (USA. DuPont)
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³
Air Black RingelmannⅠ
Blower(m³/min) 570
Mixing Tower Hot Aggregate Elevator Type Chain Elevating
Capacity(t/h) 110
Vibrating Screen Screening Decks 4
Screening Area(m²) 14.7
Hot Storage Bin Quantity 4+1
Capacity(m³) 24
Mixer Mixer Capacity(kg) 1000
Type Double Axis Forcing Stirring Batch Mixer
Mixing Period(s) 45
Mixing Power(kw) 2*18.5
Weighing System Hot Aggregate: ±0.5%; Bitumen: ±0.25%; Filler: ±0.2%
Bitumen Supply System Heating Type Electric Heating/Hot Oil Heating System
Bitumen Pump Screw Pump Injection Type
Discharge Amount of Bitumen(L/min) 300
Bitumen Tank(m³) 40
Filler Supply System Filler Tank Optional
Screw conveyor Capacity(t/h) 15
Travel System Semi-trailer Series Quantity 4-7
Pneumatic System Air Compressor Screw Air Compressor
Air Storage Tank 600L---2000L Optional
Control System

Fully Automatic Computer Control(IPC+PLC+Monitor+Laser Printer+Air Conditioner)

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